Increase the Lifespan of your Lead Acid Battery

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Although high-quality batteries are more expensive upfront, they are also more reliable, and their longer life expectancy allows you to recoup your investment in the long run. How long they last are directly related to how they are used or abused. Simply knowing what you should and shouldn’t do to a battery will save your pocket.

If the battery is then left in a discharged condition, the tiny crystals of sulfate which have formed begin to grow. The sulfate on the surface of the plates begins to harden – eventually forming into an impenetrably hard white coating around the lead plate, which plugs the porosity of the material – and dramatically impedes the diffusion of ions which drive the chemical process. By this stage, the battery’s capacity and ability to accept or release energy will be so slow that it will be unable to do the work for which it has been chosen.

The lead oxide is not solid but spongy and must be supported by a grid. The porosity of the lead in this condition makes it fully accessible to the electrolyte, enabling a chemical reaction to occur relatively quickly throughout the thickness of the plate as the battery performs its task of storing and releasing energy.

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