Busting Some Common Myths About Batteries

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Virtually everyone has experienced gadget battery problems at some point in their life, so it’s no surprise people continuously hunt for and dole out all sorts of little tips and tricks to make their batteries healthier and longer-lasting.

Overcharging is dangerous

This is when the cell voltage drops significantly below the cut-off voltage. In itself, this phenomenon does not lead to any safety problems. However, it slowly destroys the cell’s performance, which can also cause the battery to swell under certain circumstances.

Overcharging reduces productivity

Modern devices are way smarter with managing power and will gradually reduce the amount of current as the phone fills up. However, there is some truth to the reduced capacity issue, as extreme heat and high charging power levels cause lithium-ion batteries to age faster. Charging to 100% quickly is slightly worse for your battery than stopping before. It might surprise you to note that manufacturers will often lie about when your smartphone hits 100% to eke out a little more battery longevity.

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